Planning Commission

The Watts Township Planning Commission serves as a “recommending body”, and is responsible for the review of proposed subdivisions and land developments within the Township and recommends approval or rejection of these plans to the Board of Supervisors.
The Commission is composed of five community members appointed by the Supervisors for four year terms.

The Commission meets the second Wednesday of each month AS NEEDED at 7:00 PM at the Watts-Buffalo Community Center, 57 Blacksnake Rd ,Duncannon, Pa. Please call the Township Office, 717-834-4009, to address the Commission at their monthly meeting. Visitors are also welcome to simply show up at the meeting.

Please inform the Township Secretary by NOON on the first Wednesday of the month if you have a sketch plan or other business to present to the Planning Commission the following Wednesday. As a cost saving measure the Planning Commission does not meet unless there is known business to attend to. Preliminary and Final Subdivision plans must be provided to the Township Secretary 9 business days prior to the Planning Commission meeting as usual per the SALDO.

Planning Commissioners:

  • Tim Maus, Chair
  • Russell Clouser
  • Dr. Pat Gutheil
  • Roger Wilt
  • Bob Mazzero
  • ​Bob Whitmore, Recording Secretary​